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Interior Designer, Professional Organizer


Hi, I'm Lebra.

I am a creative person by nature. My love of spaces and its wonderful power to transform how a person feels and moves inside of it feels me with passionate energy! 

I approach my work from an intuitive place. I love to help people which is why I have a hands on approach when dealing with helping someone to become organized. When I meet a client, I like to know that I  connect with them as well as their space.   

When working with a small commercial space I connect with who you are as a brand combining the person, the brand, and the physical space into a holistic experience.

Whether I am involved in a holisitic Home Design project, or an Organizing project , my goal is to bring about a healing experience--- creating joy, love, and inspiration!

I'm Lebra,  How may I help you?



Orange, NJ 07050

(973) 223 4410

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