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Lebra Interior Design & Organizing

Hi, I'm Lebra! I am an intuitive, caring, and insightful Interior Designer and Professional Organizer. I believe in healing spaces and transforming lives by helping my clients create a deeper relationship with their space. I strive to achieve this through:

  • Patiently Listening

  • Connecting and identifying possible blockages that may be affecting the function of your space

  • Identifying what my clients want to achieve in their life and what their true voice is in order for their space to reflect that back

  • Using color to help shift and bring forth the high vibrational energy to powerfully achieve their goals (How Exciting!!!)

Your home or business is an emotional place. It is a symbiosis of what you bring to it and what it gives you in return. Let me not only help you with your design goals but to also create a healing experience.


Services and Packages

My professional organizing services is hands on, helping you learn to manage your space based on a new found understanding of your relationship with your space.  I offer residential interior design services as well as small commercial spaces. I can help you, the business owner, by becoming clear on what your mission is in order to create an effective interior branding.                                                  

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My mission is to help my clients create their best balanced lives by creating stylish and organized interiors. I believe that a balanced space equals a harmonious life.


I take the stress out of managing your space and your life.

— Lebra


Caring Service

Lebra design studio takes a hands on intuitive approach to designing, helping you to manage your space and your life.